Release Notes #870

  • An upgraded search feature on Kialo Edu has been released. With the updated feature, search results are more intuitive and meaningful for the user, in addition to showing results for discussions or claims which have been visited in the past.
  • QR codes have been added and can now be generated for discussion and team invite links.
  • Additionally, minor bug fixes and performance improvements were released.

Release Notes #862

  • The Anonymous Participation feature has been released. This feature allows educators to anonymize discussions so that participant’s identities are instead given a placeholder name, while the true identity/user can still be seen by the educator.

    For more details on this new feature, please visit our Help Center article regarding Anonymous Discussions.

Release Notes #818

  • Managed Accounts are now available for teachers, allowing them to easily create and manage Kialo accounts for their students.

Release Notes #810

  • Discussions can be given start and stop times so that participation is only possible at specific times.

Release Notes #790

  • Google Classroom import has been released. Teachers can now import their classes directly into Kialo Teams by clicking the Import Class button in Kialo Team settings.

Release Notes #633

  • Users can now change their usernames once on Kialo Edu.
  • Activities in private discussion will no longer be shown in user profile timelines.

Release Notes #627

  • The Team Allocation Link functionality has been released for Kialo Edu. Team Allocation Links are the easiest method to allocate students to multiple evenly-sized teams and are particularly useful when setting up Kialo for large groups of students.
  • An issue causing the perspective selector to become unresponsive has been fixed.
  • An issue where linked claims wouldn’t load after their source claim was deleted has been fixed.

Release Notes #620

  • The concept of organizations has been introduced for Kialo Edu. Users become part of an organization if their associated email addresses match domains the organization is authorized to manage. Organizations are very useful for schools, school districts and universities that want to view and manage their students’ data themselves.
  • Users’ timelines can be viewed without logging in.
  • When using the Clone and Invite Wizard, you can choose to not send email notifications.

Release Notes #592

  • Teacher to student feedback has been released on Kialo Edu.
    When enabled, teachers can give students feedback underneath individual claims. Feedback can be configured to be visible for admins, the claim creators or everybody.

Release Notes #573

January 28, 2020

  • Email-less signups have been released for Kialo Edu.
    This feature has been built for teachers who don’t want their students to use their email addresses to sign up.
  • Very quickly clicking add claim multiple times could lead to multiple write claim boxes being opened, this has been fixed.
  • Teams are now sorted by long not short names.
  • The scroll position in the discussion activity list was not always remembered correctly, this has been fixed.