Release Notes #932

  • In order to help users identify each other better but give users flexibility with their profiles, a new feature has been released for Kialo Edu. Now, users’ email addresses will be displayed in various locations, such as their profile preview tooltip, contact list, mention picker, etc. Users can choose whether or not they would like to have their email address displayed or not by toggling this feature on or off.

Release Notes #922

  • A new feature has been added with this release, which allows moderators to clean a discussion before making said discussion into a template. That way, a templates can be created that always look like fresh discussions without changes, comments, etc.
  • Additionally, this release included numerous usability and performance improvements.

Release Notes #917

  • Previously, user and display name changes applied in discussions only appeared after refreshing or re-visiting a discussion. Now, user and display name changes will be seen without having to refresh or navigate into the discussion again.
  • A new section has been added to the “My Kialo” navigation page which displays all discussions that are relevant to the user, including those that the user was explicitly invited to and has viewed in the past, as long as the user still has access to those discussions.

Release Notes #916

  • With this release, educators can have students participate in disussions without first having to create an account via the new “Instant Access” mode for discussions. When enabled, a user who is not logged in can access a discussion via an invitation and have an account automatically created for them.
  • Also introduced with the latest release, a new feature allows educators to create teams directly from Google Classrooms rather than having to import them after creating a team on Kialo Edu, as was the case previously.
  • In addition to the two new features, numerous improvements and bug fixes were also released.

Release Notes #908

  • With the latest release, educators utilizing Kialo Edu will be able to create templates from existing discussions. This means that the discussion template can be used in the future to quickly create the same discussion from the create discussion wizard and on the new Kialo Templates page, which provides an overview of all discussion templates.
  • Additionally, a lot of old minor and aesthetic issues have been resolved

Release Notes #902

  • With this latest release, discussion invites sent from anonymous discussions will now show the actual account profile of the inviter, rather than the anonymous identity, so that discussion admins can avoid deanonymizing their discussion identity when inviting others to their discussion.
  • Additionally, a couple of usability improvements have been released.

Release Notes #898

  • With the latest release, Kialo Edu is now an official Clever application partner, meaning that students and institutions utilizing this service can now use this SSO login to access Kialo Edu as well.
  • Additionally, there have been countless minor fixes and improvements included in this release.

Release Notes #885

  • A new display names feature has been released. Now users’ names can include spaces and international characters, like Arabic and Mandarin letters.

Release Notes #870

  • An upgraded search feature on Kialo Edu has been released. With the updated feature, search results are more intuitive and meaningful for the user, in addition to showing results for discussions or claims which have been visited in the past.
  • QR codes have been added and can now be generated for discussion and team invite links.
  • Additionally, minor bug fixes and performance improvements were released.

Release Notes #862

  • The Anonymous Participation feature has been released. This feature allows educators to anonymize discussions so that participant’s identities are instead given a placeholder name, while the true identity/user can still be seen by the educator.

    For more details on this new feature, please visit our Help Center article regarding Anonymous Discussions.