Release Notes #828

  • We have rolled out more visually appealing default avatars – all new accounts, discussion images and team avatars receive these images upon creation if no other image is chosen.

Release Notes #824

  • URLs generated for inviting users and access to discussions now have a “Copy Link” button to copy the URL to your clipboard.
  • BUGFIX: We have removed an incorrect confirmation message when removing a team from discussions.

Release Notes #820

  • On Kialo-Edu, Discussion Tasks can be used to direct students towards specific activities in a discussion.
  • A Sources sidebar is available in the discussion menu, listing all the external links from the claims of the discussion.

Release Notes #819

  • A new wizard makes inviting teams to discussions more intuitive.
  • The link editor can now quickly be brought up with Ctrl+K.

Release Notes #794

  • Kialo now supports Microsoft Single Sign On.

Release Notes #793

  • Discussions can now be muted. When muted, users won’t receive notifications when mentioned, nor when new claims or comments are suggested.

Release Notes #789

  • A new read-only Viewer role was released, which cannot suggest, vote or change discussions in any way.
  • The old role Viewer has been renamed to Suggester, which is more accurate given discussion participants with that role are able to suggest claims and comments and can vote.

Release Notes #784

  • All dialogs have been redesigned and their design and button placement has been made more consistent across the whole site.

Release Notes #783

  • Discussion contents and chat comments now support displaying right-to-left text. 
  • Screen reader compatibility has been improved.

Release Notes #782

  • Discussions and the discussion info popup can now be properly printed.

Release Notes #780

  • Discussions can now be cloned from their settings page.
  • Emails from Kialo are now localised into German, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

Release Notes #766

  • Cloning of private discussions no longer requires admin access to the discussion.

Release Notes #741

  • New versions of Kialo will from now on be deployed without interrupting users for a couple of minutes while the sites are being updated.

Release Notes #732

  • All Claim elements have received a facelift and now have a new, friendlier look.

Release Notes #723

  • Add quotes to external links to specify the relevant part of the source.
  • Screen reader compatibility has been improved.

Release Notes #710

  • Discussion and Team Statistics can now be exported as CSV files.
  • Improved the visualization of external links in claims.
  • Improved the Spanish and German translations and started the translations to French and Portuguese.

Release Notes #705

  • A new vote-count indicator has been added below the impact bar.

Release Notes #702

  • Kialo is now available in German
  • Pressing R will mark the selected argument and its children as seen.