New Features

A log of all new feature releases.

Release Notes #917

  • Previously, user and display name changes applied in discussions only appeared after refreshing or re-visiting a discussion. Now, user and display name changes will be seen without having to refresh or navigate into the discussion again.
  • A new section has been added to the “My Kialo” navigation page which displays all discussions that are relevant to the user, including those that the user was explicitly invited to and has viewed in the past, as long as the user still has access to those discussions.

Release Notes #885

  • A new display names feature has been released. Now users’ names can include spaces and international characters, like Arabic and Mandarin letters.

Release Notes #870

  • An upgraded search feature on Kialo Edu has been released. With the updated feature, search results are more intuitive and meaningful for the user, in addition to showing results for discussions or claims which have been visited in the past.
  • QR codes have been added and can now be generated for discussion and team invite links.
  • Additionally, minor bug fixes and performance improvements were released.

Release Notes #860

  • The profile preview has been revised as part of a larger coming change in how names/profiles are displayed on Kialo. Additionally, compatibility with touch devices has also been introduced to the profile preview with this release.

Release Notes #857

  • The Create Discussion Wizard has been restructured to make the discussion creation process simpler and reduce the number of fields users are forced to go through if they are not relevant or used in the discussion being created.
  • Additionally, there have been some minor styling changes and improvements that have been released.

Release Notes #852

  • Discussion and team invitations have been reworked to include a reason on the alert card shown in the Overview and Respond tabs and not just in the email invite, adding context to the invitations on Kialo directly.

Release Notes #851

  • With the latest release, we have updated the colorset for Kialo to make it more accessible and comply with WCAG 2.1 level AA guidelines. This means that readability has been improved site-wide and all elements have sufficient contrast, meeting industry standards.
  • Additionally, more variations for default avatars have been introduced.

Release Notes #844

  • A new version of the mention picker (when opened either through the context menu or using ‘@’) has been released which fixed stylistic issues in combination with long comments or on a mobile device.
  • An issue which caused an incorrect error message to sometimes be displayed when using the OAuth signup form has been fixed.

Release Notes #836

  • An improvement has been made to the team invite wizard, providing an overview of teams/accounts that have been selected for an invitation.
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements were released.

Release Notes #834

A new dialog for inviting users to discussions and teams has been released, as a part of a larger initiative to reinvigorate Kialo’s user invite interfaces.

Release Notes #831

  • The login and sign up dialogs have been revamped with an improved user experience.
  • A minor visual improvement has also been rolled out with this release, making the discussion card menu overlay more visually appealing.
  • A minor isue with sidebar content not properly displayed has been fixed.

Release Notes #828

  • There are now more visually appealling default images for account and team avatars and discussion images.

Release Notes #824

  • URLs generated for inviting users and access to discussions now have a “Copy Link” button to copy the URL to your clipboard.
  • Bug fix: An incorrect confirmation message that was shown when removing a team from discussions has been fixed.

Release Notes #820

  • NEW: On Kialo Edu, Discussion Tasks can be used to direct students towards specific activities in a discussion.
  • NEW: A Sources sidebar is available in the discussion menu, listing all the external links from the claims of the discussion.

Release Notes #819

  • NEW: A new wizard makes inviting teams to discussions more intuitive.
  • The link editor can now quickly be brought up with Ctrl+K.

Release Notes #794

  • NEW: Kialo now supports Microsoft Single Sign On.

Release Notes #793

  • NEW: Discussions can now be muted. When muted, users won’t receive notifications when mentioned, nor when new claims or comments are suggested.

Release Notes #789

  • NEW: A new read-only Viewer role was released, which cannot suggest, vote or change discussions in any way.
  • The old role Viewer has been renamed to Suggester, which is more accurate given discussion participants with that role are able to suggest claims and comments and can vote.

Release Notes #784

  • NEW: All dialogs have been redesigned and their design and button placement has been made more consistent across the whole site.

Release Notes #783

  • NEW: Discussion contents and chat comments now support displaying right-to-left text. 
  • Screen reader compatibility has been improved.