Release Notes #590

  • The activity list can now be configured to only show created, linked and moved claims, instead of all activity, for all or individual participants. This is particularly useful for grading and teacher to student feedback.

Release Notes #589

  • Users who prefer working without animations can now switch them off in their user settings.

Release Notes #587

  • Embedded Kialo discussions now have a full screen mode.

Release Notes #585

  • When “Display claims’ authors” is enabled, a linked claim will now also note the user that linked the claim, additionally to the claim’s creator.
  • Introduced visual feedback for claim selection.
  • Improved the text layout of changes in the sidebar and comments & history tab of claims.

Release Notes #573

January 28, 2020

  • Email-less signups have been released for Kialo Edu.
    This feature has been built for teachers who don’t want their students to use their email addresses to sign up.
  • Very quickly clicking add claim multiple times could lead to multiple write claim boxes being opened, this has been fixed.
  • Teams are now sorted by long not short names.
  • The scroll position in the discussion activity list was not always remembered correctly, this has been fixed.

Release Notes #571

January 23, 2020

  • The discussion activity list now allows users to filter for individual discussion participants’ activities.
  • Important user setting changes now require users to enter their passwords.

Release Notes #560

January 06, 2020

  • The discussion activity sidebar, which chronologically lists all visible contributions that have occurred in a discussion, has been released.
  • The option to display usernames of claim creators on their respective claims, in a private discussion, has been released.
  • Screen reader compatibility of the Top Contributors table has been improved.
  • In some browser the claim edit text field did not have focus upon selecting “edit claim”, this has been fixed.

Release Notes #558

December 16, 2019

  • Statistics for each discussion are now shown in the portal and the discussion info dialog.
  • Selecting a claim for the clipboard from the duplicate claim list did not always work, this has been fixed.
  • The share dialog did not always show the share on Twitter and Facebook buttons, this has been fixed.

Release Notes #554

December 9, 2019

  • In preparation for allowing signing up to without providing an email address, it is now possible to also log in using your username instead of your email address.
  • Button sizes and layout for the mobile top and bottom bar have been improved.
  • Fixed some minor navigation and layouting issues.

Release Notes #550

December 2, 2019

  • The scroll position in the discussion changes sidebar is now remembered when closing and opening it.
  • Flagging claims that have been copied from another discussion, will now result in the user that copied the claim receiving the notification for a flagged claim, not the original creator.
  • Location-specific changes, like the “Move Elsewhere” mark for review change, of multi-linked claims will now link to the correct locations.

Release Notes #545

November 26, 2019

  • The Cloning and Invitation Wizard (CIW) has been released on Kialo-Edu. It allows educators to invite users and teams to their own respective clones of a debate. This feature will make the lives of educators with large courses, especially when split into multiple teams, much easier. Please contact support to have it enabled for your account.
  • Trailing parenthesis in URLs of links added to claims, were sometimes not saved correctly. This has been fixed.

Release Notes #543

November 20, 2019

  • The role and respective permissions of users joining discussions via discussion invite links can now be specified. 
  • Private Kialo discussions can now be embedded too.
  • HTML code snippet to embed a discussion can now easily be found via the share menu within discussions.
  • Cloned discussions will no longer immediately be opened after cloning has been completed.

Release Notes #534

November 12, 2019

  • A new function to enable displaying the whole chain of claims up to the thesis has been released.
  • Loading pages with Kialo embeds sometimes scrolled the embedding page to the Kialo embed upon initial load, this has been fixed.
  • Clones of discussions can now be renamed during the cloning process.
  • Links to release notes have been added to the deployment toast notifications.
  • Kialo will now reconnect quicker to backend servers, when network access is restored.
  • Minor quirks when logging in using Safari and Firefox have been fixed.

Release Notes #519

October 16, 2019

  • Kialo Edu (, the Kialo page for educators, with only private discussions, was given a landing and about page.
  • Site navigation was improved and made more consistent between the mobile and desktop Kialo interfaces.

Release Notes #513

October 7, 2019

  • Users can now look up some basic stats on their user profiles.
    (Click on the avatar and select ‘My Profile’)
  • Kialo Internet Explorer 11 support has been removed.
  • Mentioned users in comments weren’t bold anymore. This has been fixed.
  • Screen reader compatibility has been improved.
  • Button labels in the suggested comment admin interface, have been clarified.
  • Changes to claims that happen after a user’s first visit, will now also be correctly shown on the claims themselves, not only in the discussion change list.